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Wealth Defined - Editorial

InspirationalScoop Editorial
July 2013

Wealth Defined

 Wealth is a measurement. Wealth is not a number of worth. In other-words if you say a person has a net-worth of $1,000,000 that does not mean he is wealthy.  Wealth is a measurement of how long you can sustain your lifestyle if you do not work anymore in life.  How long will you be able to continue to pay your bills if you decide to do nothing else? That is what wealth is.

The bible talks about wealth as sustaining you, paying your bills on time, the measurement of your lifestyle compared to your stored up goods. ”It is God that gives you the ability to get wealth….”   God enables you to pay your bills. When you read about wealth, remember it is a measurement of sustainment not net worth.

People misunderstand wealth and thinks it is a person who has millions or billions of dollars, but it is not.  A billionaire does not have to be wealthy if he stops his cash flow today how long can he continue to be a billionaire.

If cash not organized in a system that continues to pay out some type of dividend, then he is not wealthy. In addition, the dividend need to provide for the current and future anticipated lifestyle.

If you stopped or lost everything today, how long will you be able to continue your lifestyle? This is the measurement of wealth. Do not think in grand numbers or unreachable figures for wealth. You can be wealthy right in the current lifestyle you live. Always have a year or more of bill payments stored up and you are wealthy.

Example: Bills are the following:

Mortgage/rent       $750.00

Car/Insurance       $450.00

Utilities/Phone      $500.00

Total                    $1,700.00

 Always have this amount times 12 stored up. Then you will always be wealthy. ($1700.00 * 12 = $20,400.00) saving 5% per check will eventually get you to your wealthy place.

 When your lifestyle increase then you increase your amount stored up. You store up for wealth.

God Bless!   Aurelia Perry
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