Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vision, Faith and Stewardship - Commentary

InspirationalScoop Commentary

July 2013

Vision, Faith and Stewardship

“To dream the impossible (Vision),

To believe the unbelievable (Faith),

To sustain the accomplishment (Stewardship)”

Aurelia Perry

Before you can apply your Faith you need to have a Vision or image of your desire. That vision or image must be completely seen in your intellect. It should be at a point where you can see, smell and even taste it.  Then you are ready to move on your Faith for it. This is what is called strong Vision.

Then your Faith requires you to act on it or take a motion with the force of your image to begin to make it happen.  Stewardship sustains the fruit of this manifestation of Faith.

If you only have faith and did not write the Vision down and make it plain enough to yourself for visualization you probably will not be able to sustain the manifestation of your desire.

I suggest that once you can see your desire clearly then move with your Faith and not vise-versa.

God Bless      Aurelia Perry
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wealth Defined - Editorial

InspirationalScoop Editorial
July 2013

Wealth Defined

 Wealth is a measurement. Wealth is not a number of worth. In other-words if you say a person has a net-worth of $1,000,000 that does not mean he is wealthy.  Wealth is a measurement of how long you can sustain your lifestyle if you do not work anymore in life.  How long will you be able to continue to pay your bills if you decide to do nothing else? That is what wealth is.

The bible talks about wealth as sustaining you, paying your bills on time, the measurement of your lifestyle compared to your stored up goods. ”It is God that gives you the ability to get wealth….”   God enables you to pay your bills. When you read about wealth, remember it is a measurement of sustainment not net worth.

People misunderstand wealth and thinks it is a person who has millions or billions of dollars, but it is not.  A billionaire does not have to be wealthy if he stops his cash flow today how long can he continue to be a billionaire.

If cash not organized in a system that continues to pay out some type of dividend, then he is not wealthy. In addition, the dividend need to provide for the current and future anticipated lifestyle.

If you stopped or lost everything today, how long will you be able to continue your lifestyle? This is the measurement of wealth. Do not think in grand numbers or unreachable figures for wealth. You can be wealthy right in the current lifestyle you live. Always have a year or more of bill payments stored up and you are wealthy.

Example: Bills are the following:

Mortgage/rent       $750.00

Car/Insurance       $450.00

Utilities/Phone      $500.00

Total                    $1,700.00

 Always have this amount times 12 stored up. Then you will always be wealthy. ($1700.00 * 12 = $20,400.00) saving 5% per check will eventually get you to your wealthy place.

 When your lifestyle increase then you increase your amount stored up. You store up for wealth.

God Bless!   Aurelia Perry
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Faith - Editorial

InspirationalScoop Editorial
 July 2013
Volume 6
Someone requested that I write on my understanding of faith. Thanks for the request!
 My Take on Faith- the process
“Man is looking for better methods, God is looking for better men. Man is God’s method” ~
(How great is your faith?)
Faith is not an easy thing. Everyone tend to talk about faith as if its’ that simple. We have the same measure of faith in the beginning but after, we begin to build or become stronger in our faith. Faith is incremental. It is unlikely that the first day you learn about faith you will be able to move a mountain the next day. You have to start with the small things to build to bigger things that require stronger faith.
The bible states that faith is a substance of something hoped. Faith equals substance (Thing, image or idea).  Faith is something that you want to happen or have. When faith manifests it comes with an agreement. An agreement meaning a payment plan, or if extremely blessed the ability to pay cash or given to you.
For faith to work you have to exercise it. You need to act on something to make it happen. The ‘ether’ (money or heavens) is waiting for you to move toward your request or desire so it can manifest. We exercise our faith in three (3) ways prayer , meditation  and affirmations and then through these actions our spirit man is moved to walk toward making these beliefs happen by our outer man. These exercises become your compass for the outcome of your faith.
 The major thing with faith is that it has to penetrate your belief system and I think that is where the difficulty lies with people. Your belief system is in your subconscious and not your consciousness.  That concept is hard for people to wrap their mind around. They will continue to go on with their lives and say statements “I know Jesus will do it.”  Well the truth of the matter is He already has done it. You just have to act to make it manifest.
Prayer, meditation and affirmations are exercises that penetrate the subconscious. Jesus said my house is the “house of prayer”. You penetrate your subconscious mostly through prayer.
How do you know that you have penetrated the subconscious, you will get an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. (Thankfulness) This emotion grows good manifestation. If interested in learning more about faith you need to read and understand inertia.  Faith manifests when you defy inertia. One (1) way you can defy inertia by praying until you feel gratitude.
 God Bless.                               Aurelia Perry
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Read for Success!

InspirationalScoop Editorial
July 2013
“The Effects of Not Reading”
Read for success!!
Matthew 25:29: “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.”
The “Matthew Effect” have you heard of it? Well brief and to the point it is a study of what are the effects of people who do not read. There are many of these studies out now. They can analyze generations for the effects and outcomes of people lives that do not read.
 In summation, a person who does not read is more likely to be unsuccessful unless they have an adamant talent that is remarkable.(Singing, dancing, trade, athlete, etc.)  Not reading deteriorates cognitive skills. If cognitive skills are strong, learning comes easily and naturally.
Cognitive skills are attention skills (the ability to focus), Memory (the ability to store and recall), logic and reasoning (the ability to solve problems in a logically ordered way), auditory skills (the ability to analyze and blend properly sound), visual processing (the ability to think in visual images), processing speed (the ability to perform all of the above quickly)
In addition it has been noted in the study completed by JAMA Internal Medicine “Health Literacy and Mortality” that the effects of not reading may increase the mortality rate of an individual.  The National Endowment for the Arts “To Read or Not to Read” has a study that infers that good readers make better citizens and are more successful in life.
So why am I telling you this because Matthew 25:29 scripture is referring to reading or picture teaching. This is what increases or decreases your life. Also the scripture Romans 10:14 “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching” is talking about the belief in your inner man (or subconscious learning). You learn subconsciously through reading and images. That is where your beliefs are.  When a person does not have strong cognitive skills, the gateway to increasing their life is very narrow or closed. You then live only through the frontal mind or flesh thinking. We realize Prosperity in the spirit or subconscious.
Eight (8) Benefits of Reading
1.     Enhances Your Smarts
2.     Reduces Stress
3.     Gives you greater tranquility
4.     Improves your analytical thinking
5.     Improves your vocabulary
6.     Improves Memory
7.     Improves Writing Skills
8.     Helps prioritize your goals in life
God Bless!                                                                                             Aurelia Perry
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