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Vision, Faith and Stewardship - Commentary

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July 2013

Vision, Faith and Stewardship

“To dream the impossible (Vision),

To believe the unbelievable (Faith),

To sustain the accomplishment (Stewardship)”

Aurelia Perry

Before you can apply your Faith you need to have a Vision or image of your desire. That vision or image must be completely seen in your intellect. It should be at a point where you can see, smell and even taste it.  Then you are ready to move on your Faith for it. This is what is called strong Vision.

Then your Faith requires you to act on it or take a motion with the force of your image to begin to make it happen.  Stewardship sustains the fruit of this manifestation of Faith.

If you only have faith and did not write the Vision down and make it plain enough to yourself for visualization you probably will not be able to sustain the manifestation of your desire.

I suggest that once you can see your desire clearly then move with your Faith and not vise-versa.

God Bless      Aurelia Perry
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