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Faith - Editorial

InspirationalScoop Editorial
 July 2013
Volume 6
Someone requested that I write on my understanding of faith. Thanks for the request!
 My Take on Faith- the process
“Man is looking for better methods, God is looking for better men. Man is God’s method” ~
(How great is your faith?)
Faith is not an easy thing. Everyone tend to talk about faith as if its’ that simple. We have the same measure of faith in the beginning but after, we begin to build or become stronger in our faith. Faith is incremental. It is unlikely that the first day you learn about faith you will be able to move a mountain the next day. You have to start with the small things to build to bigger things that require stronger faith.
The bible states that faith is a substance of something hoped. Faith equals substance (Thing, image or idea).  Faith is something that you want to happen or have. When faith manifests it comes with an agreement. An agreement meaning a payment plan, or if extremely blessed the ability to pay cash or given to you.
For faith to work you have to exercise it. You need to act on something to make it happen. The ‘ether’ (money or heavens) is waiting for you to move toward your request or desire so it can manifest. We exercise our faith in three (3) ways prayer , meditation  and affirmations and then through these actions our spirit man is moved to walk toward making these beliefs happen by our outer man. These exercises become your compass for the outcome of your faith.
 The major thing with faith is that it has to penetrate your belief system and I think that is where the difficulty lies with people. Your belief system is in your subconscious and not your consciousness.  That concept is hard for people to wrap their mind around. They will continue to go on with their lives and say statements “I know Jesus will do it.”  Well the truth of the matter is He already has done it. You just have to act to make it manifest.
Prayer, meditation and affirmations are exercises that penetrate the subconscious. Jesus said my house is the “house of prayer”. You penetrate your subconscious mostly through prayer.
How do you know that you have penetrated the subconscious, you will get an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. (Thankfulness) This emotion grows good manifestation. If interested in learning more about faith you need to read and understand inertia.  Faith manifests when you defy inertia. One (1) way you can defy inertia by praying until you feel gratitude.
 God Bless.                               Aurelia Perry
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