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Wealthy Thinker - Editorial

InspirationalScoop Editorial
 July 2013

Volume 4

The Wealthy Thinker

Four (4) Steps to Help You Be a Wealthy Thinker

Have you ever wondered why wealthy people are wealthy? Well it’s the way they think. A millionaire does not worry about gas prices or the electric bill, because he probably owns stock in the companies. People who have a net worth more than six (6) figures are thinking how to make more, how to save more and how to multiply their efforts more. Can you say that about yourself?  Test how you think below.  Are you a wealthy thinker or are you a poor thinker? Below is a depicted illustration showing the difference in thinking habits when comparing people who are wealthy thinkers to people who are poor thinkers. What type of thinker are you? Or maybe you might have a little of both?
Wealthy Thinker
Poor Thinker
Focus on Net Worth
Focus on “Things”
Has Specific Goals
Has Random Goals
Has A Definite Destiny
Has No Purpose
Makes Own Destiny
Believes in Destiny
Measures Progress
Zero Accountability
Deadline Driven
No Deadline
Works Hard
Works a “lot”
Plays Hard
Plays a “lot”
Chart by

The poor thinker is always living from pay check to pay check. The wealthy thinker has something saved or being multiplied. The wealthy thinker is ahead on bills and the poor thinker is behind on bills. Are you ahead or behind?

If most of your thinking is on the Poor Thinker side of the chart the following steps will help you begin to adjust your thinking to become a wealthy thinker:

1.      Budget- Know what your net worth is. Focus on increasing your net worth.

2.      Savings Plan- Determine the amount you will save regardless of the bill due. (suggested standard 5% per check)

3.      Debt Reduction Plan- Begin by writing down all of your debt and paying off the smallest bill first. You will be amazed of the positive energy and motivation this brings to your life.

4.      Multiply your income- Your job is your base income develop income beyond your base, such as, become a sales representative in your spare time (Avon, Mary Kay, etc.). Make your hobby into additional money, organize yourself to sale at a flee market on the weekend, what do you do best sale it, advertise it and do it, become part of a MLM organization.

Money Tips

ü  There always will be something to spend cash on it is up to you to put the stops on spending. 

ü  Bills are always due it is up to you to get ahead of the due date.

ü  Debt is not income they are two (2) separate things. 

ü  Pay yourself 1st always.

Aurelia Perry
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  1. Good Blog, in order to be successful we must control our thoughts.