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Covenant - Editorial

InspirationalScoop Editorial
July 2013
 Volume 5

your agreement for a prosperous Life

           The Five (5) Major Covenants

“Deut: 8:18“But remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you power to get wealth in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath”

 The five (5) major covenants in the Bible I will briefly annotate them:

1.    Noah – Rainbow – promise nothing can destroy you for you abide in God
      2.    Abraham – Great nation – gave us Favor

3.    Moses – Commandments –  gave us power and a sound mind

4.    David – Royal Heirs to the throne – Made us Kings and Queens

5.    Christ – Blood -  We live by Grace and not subject to perfection of the law or any other system for we are perfected in Christ

In order to exist and place value on yourself you should know your covenant.  Any belief that comes to your mind that tells you differently you shut it down with the covenant or promise of God.

How can you operate in wealth or in the riches of God or his systems of the ‘ether’ when you do not know your covenants?  Meditation on covenant scripture will change your life. Knowing your covenant open doors for you and make all things work together for the good of your existence.

This will help you put value on yourself and know that you are worthy of whatever you desire. You are a covenant vessel on the earth. You have a right to be here with privileges and live a life of opulence.

God Bless!    Aurelia Perry
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